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Sunday School


Our November Sunday School class topic will be entitled "With All Your Heart." Ray Vander Laan is the moderator of this study which contains six lessons with episodes filmed on location at different Biblically significant sites in the Middle East and elsewhere. This film series will transform your understanding of God and challenge you to be a true follower of Jesus. Our journey through the Sinai and Israel will enable us to discover how Jesus called people to live in the Promised Land. By weaving together the Bible's fascinating historical, cultural, religious, and geographical contexts, teacher and historian Vander Laan reveals unique insight into the Scripture's significance for modern believers. These episodes are stand alone and can be viewed without worry of being absent at any time. After viewing the film, Melissa McClure will be leading our discussion as we share our thoughts and observations with other attendees. Our class meets each Sunday morning at 9:00 am in the classroom over Tartan Hall.

Our Bible Study class meets each Friday at 12:00 pm.  Studying the Bible, chapter by chapter, we will begin our analysis of Deuteronomy in November. Each verse is read with the meaning and message then being deciphered by the class. Much spirited discussion results as we share our interpretation and understanding of the verses read. Melissa McClure leads the class and brings a solid background of information and knowledge to further enhance our meetings. New members are welcomed. Bring a Bible and join us please. Our meetings are held in M2.

Jewish Roots is another class which is held the last Sunday of each month starting at 5:00 pm. Cheryl Pelham is leading the class on a discussion of the book "Grafted in", concerning the Israelites, Gentiles and the Gospel. Contact Cheryl at 828-421-5799 if you plan on attending.

November’s Mid-Month Appetizer will be held on Wednesday, November 14th at 5:15pm. Tempe’ leads a discussion of faith themes based on a newly released book. Appetizers are served.

We would also like to thank all of our faithful attendees for their participation in our classes and would be pleased to have new members attend. We continue to encourage everyone to take advantage of our varied programs......learning,, sharing and becoming closer as brothers and sisters in Christ.