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Sunday School

Our Sunday school will continue with "With All Your Heart" by Ray Vander Lann, with discussions led by Melissa McClure through December 16th. 

Starting December 23rd and continuing for 6 weeks, we will present the DVD "Eternity Is Now In Session" by John Ortberg. This study is filmed on location in Israel. It thoroughly explores Jesus' definition of eternal life as defined in John 17:3 and what it means to be a disciple of Christ. The discussion following the video will be led by Gail Barrett.

There will not be a fifth Sunday breakfast on December 30th. We will plan on having Sunday School as usual on that day.

Our Friday noon Bible Study will continue. There will not be a class on December 28th following the Christmas Holiday. We are studying the book of Deuteronomy with bible readings and discussions led by Melissa McClure.

There will not be a Jewish Roots study in December. It will resume the last Sunday of the month in January.

Please join any of our programs. Everyone is welcome and invited to attend.

Submitted by Melissa McClure