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1854 Chapel


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FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH desires to be  as a public service to our community. We are not in the rental business and need cooperation from those who use our buildings. 

Please read the following and utilize the facility in accordance with established rules and procedures outlined in this booklet.

TARTAN HALL– Tartans  should not be moved, taken down, or altered in any way to accommodate the use of the facility.  In order to preclude embarrassment please do not request otherwise.

RESERVATIONS for use of facilities may be made by contacting the Church Secretary who will provide a packet of information.

SECURITY DEPOSIT-of $100 is required to make a reservation. This deposit will be returned within 10 days following the event if no expenses are incurred. Adequacy of clean up, the need of custodial support, or damage fees is subject to church discretion.

INSURANCE - Should name FPC as additional insured.

CONFIRMATION by email -All fees must be paid one (1) month prior to the scheduled event.  Final confirmation will be given when the fees and security deposit have been received.  Fees will be forfeited unless cancellation of event is received in writing thirty (30) days prior to event.  Upon confirmation, the key will be issued to a designated representative and may be picked up any weekday (Monday thru Friday) morning from the Office Coordinator. The person issued the key is responsible for replacement of damaged property , compliance with building usage guidelines, and returning the key to the church office within 24 hours after usage.  Security Deposit will be returned within 10 days, if the buildings have been left in order and clean.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND DRUGS are not permitted and not used on church grounds. Wine and Champaign is permitted with written permission for special occasions, (weddings, anniversaries, etc.) No one obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed to take part in functions using our buildings.

SMOKING is permitted in the outside designated areas only, KITCHEN PARKING LOT ENTRANCE. Please extinguish all cigarettes in the containers provided.

BOISTEROUS CONDUCT unbecoming a church facility will not be allowed. Restrict your activities to rooms reserved, and please supervise all minors.

WALLS and DOORS - Nothing will be attached to any walls, doors or other facility structure at any time by any means except by permission. Blue tape or sticky tac may be used.

TELEPHONE -A  telephone is located in the kitchen near the refrigerator & is for local outgoing calls only. The telephone will not receive incoming calls.

CHAIRS and TABLES -A limited number of tables and chairs are available and can be configured to meet the occasion. It is the users responsibility to set up the tables and chairs, and return to the correct configuration.  See the diagram provided. The user will provide their own place mats or table coverings.

HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING - The hall is equipped with a heating and air conditioning system controlled by two timers located in the front and the back of the hall. Please set control knob for only the time needed for your function; do not overset. The kitchen is air conditioned and heated by a separate system with a control located in the kitchen. Operating instructions will be provided at final confirmation.

LIGHTING CONTROLS - Lighting is controlled by switches located by the entrance doors and to the right of stage, next to the balcony stairs, behind the louvers. Lighting controls are clearly marked for your convenience. A lighting control map will be provided.

SOUND & VIDEO EQUIPMENT - Sound & video equipment is located in the closet next to the balcony stairs. See the secretary for the key and assistance if needed.

KITCHEN - A fully equipped kitchen adjoins Tartan Hall including food preparation equipment, refrigeration, dishes, and flatware.  Gas stove instructions are above stove.


TARTAN HALL—Maximum Capacity: Meeting 300  Dinner 170

FELLOWSHIP HALL—Maximum Capacity: 40 (30 if tables are required)


CHAPEL—Maximum Capacity: 92 adults

SANCTUARY—Maximum Capacity: 300


    1. Wipe off tables, chairs, kitchen counters, etc.

    2.    Tables and chairs returned to original positions.
    3.   Vacuum carpet as needed. & mop kitchen if used. Vacuum cleaner in
              closet next to water fountain.

    3. Place all trash in plastic bags outside in the gray trash box.

    4. Do not leave anything in the refrigerator or freezer.

    6.  Turn off all restroom and kitchen lights.

    7.  Turn off the sound system and heating/cooling controls.

    8.  Lock all doors.

    9.  Report to the church office any spills on the carpet, accidents,

             equipment failures, or other concerns.

Please help us by leaving everything as you found it.