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1854 Chapel


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Sunday School


In our current study for Sunday school, Melissa McClure is leading us through the  DVD series, “The New Testament You Never Knew” which will continue four more weeks and will bring us to Sept. 22.  We have a lively discussion following the viewing of the DVD.  We will review some prior DVD series for use in upcoming SS classes.

On Sept. 8 we will welcome a guest speaker, Ellen Dozier.  She will be discussing migrants at the border and Annunciation House.   Ellen will have 45 minutes to do her presentation.

On Sept. 29th we will have our 5th Sunday breakfast.  More information will be obtained at our September meeting.

 In our bible study class, we are currently studying the Book of Judges which will be finished in two weeks.  We will then continue with the Book of Ruth.  The bible study classes are held in M2 on Fridays at noon and are led by Melissa McClure.


Pastor Royce Browder is starting a series on “Coping with Grief”.  This will be presented Sept. 3rd to Oct. 1st.  More information will be provided.


Copies of Presbyterian Today and These Days will be ordered to put out for anyone who wants to enjoy reading them.

We welcome anyone who wishes to attend any of our programs.


Bible Study  


The Bible study class is studying the Book of Judges, and these will last through August.  We continue to meet in M2 on Fridays at noon and welcome anyone who would like to attend and study the Old and New Testaments.


Other Options


Pastor Browder is interested in doing a series on “Coping with Grief” in September.  He would like to inquire if Morrisson Presbyterian Church would be interested in joining us for this series.


Our Wednesday night program for the mid-month appetizer has concluded but we are still discussing doing a “short story” book club in the future.  Melissa and Tempe will get together and visit a short story group in Highlands that meets at the Ugly Dog to get more information. 

Prayer Cards:
We now have prayer cards available for anyone to take to send to someone they know in need of prayer.  They are located in the back of the chapel and sanctuary in a box.  They are provided by Deb and Ray Heckeler.