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Presbyterian Women's News

 Pat Mesta,  Moderator

 For more than 200 years, Presbyterian women have played a vital role in the mission and ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA). That continues today at the Church, Presbytery, Synod, and Church wide levels through Presbyterian Women. Many Presbyterian Women in Western North Carolina are involved in circles, conduct Bible studies, are active in their communities, and contribute in ways large and small which impact the world. Presbyterian Women truly endeavor to live out the Presbyterian Women Purpose, which follows.

Presbyterian Women Purpose
Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ, and 
Empowered by the Holy Sprit, we commit ourselves:
To nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study,
To support the mission of the church worldwide, 
To work for justice and peace, 
To build an inclusive, caring community of women 
That strengthens the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), 
And witnesses to the promise of God’s Kingdom.

Any women interested in joining one of the
Circle are welcome.  



April has brought spring weather and a lift to all our hearts! Our combined monthly circle meeting is very popular. We meet every second Tuesday at 2:00pm in Fellowship Hall. On Tuesday, May 14th, we will meet and study Chapter 8. Remember, all women are invited to every meeting. And, each lesson is a stand-alone study.

In August, we will have Synod speakers coming to tell us about the Micro-Loan Project.  This program provides small loans to women, who then begin life-changing businesses, such as raising chickens, mending clothing, and baking bread. We will meet at noon on the second Tuesday and share a salad lunch.  Lunches will be ordered from Wendy’s at an approximate cost of $6.

The Doctors’ Snacks will be delivered on Monday, May 6th. You will receive a reminder of the items you volunteered to bring. If you are the driver, don’t forget to get a key to get into the church at 4:30pm so you can deliver the box at 5:00pm.

The PW Council will meet on May 6th at 10:00am. After we arrange the Doctors’ Snack, we will discuss the Mother’s Day Luncheon.

For the Mother’s Day Second Sunday Luncheon (May 12th), Jim McInnes will be cooking the meal. We will be setting the tables on May 11th at 9:30am. We need gals who will help Jim prepare our meal at that time. And, we will need volunteers to help clean up after the meal. Also, please remember to bring desserts.  This is our “Birthday Offering” event. Donations will be sent in for the various charities to be funded by the National Birthday Offering Committee. More information about this offering will be presented at the luncheon.

We hope you are enjoying the sights of Spring in the mountains!  And, please come support Presbyterian Women!!! 


Pat Mesta, Moderator (678-677-5363)


2019 Officers of Presbyterian Women:

                                        Moderator                       Pat Mesta

                                        Vice Moderator                Sara Wood

                                        Secretary                        Gail Lehman

                                        Treasurer                        Brenda Kraft

                                        Missions                          Linda Keenum (fund raising contact) 
                                        Projects                          Gail Barrett
                                        Doctor's snacks               Jude Pearson                 

                                        Historian                         Sandy Geary