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 Pastor's Corner


Giving Thanks
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Bon Appetit quoted actress Betty White:
    I don’t eat a proper diet. Lunch is usually a hot dog and French     fries, or something equally devilish. Red Whips are my curse.

Ross Matthews of the Tonight Show writes:
    My guilty pleasure is elastic waisted pants.

Writer, Anne Lamott was quoted in the New York Times as saying:
    If people call when I am reading The Enquirer, I say, ‘Oh, lah de     dah, I’m just lying here reading the New Yorker.’

We have no problem quoting our guilty pleasures; in fact, it is fun to do so. You can find all kind of references to guilty pleasures on line. The phrase, “Guilty pleasure,” is in the dictionary. It is defined as “something that is enjoyed that is not held in high regard.”

Guilt can promote change, but our ‘breed’ of Christianity holds healthy causes in high regard. Let GRATITUDE be your change agent. Gratitude is something that our Gospel does hold in high regard.

Let gratitude change you this month. Consider deeply your gratitude pleasures.  For example: In what ways are you given pleasure through the things that the saints (of all degrees) have held in high regard? These pleasures don’t involve calories or time wasted, but richness and Sabbath.

Healthy pleasures perceive gratitude as more important than guilt, re-creation as more crucial than recreation, and hopes far greater than wishes.

  Sharing the same Spirit,