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 Pastor's Corner


Dear First Friends-

I am very appreciative for the time away at the Music and Worship Conference at Montreat. For any who have been to Montreat, it is a very relaxing environment with shade, mountain streams and lovely places for discussion.

The conference had a wonderful mix of musicians and pastors and Anne and I have had the ability to begin conversations that we believe will add to our worship by encouraging additional participation in the service.

Throughout the week we heard dialog enhanced by capable music and worship leaders. We were reminded that alone, voices are lovely, but they are truly amazing in a community of music. Just as we are “social selves,” so also our contributions of individual praise makes our corporate worship more lovely in God’s “ears.”

So notice in the coming months how we will offer different ways of singing, praying and focusing our images of adoration. I always welcome your feedback and your ideas from other places of worship. Thank you again for the opportunity to expand on my sense of worship, hopefully to benefit the Temple of the Spirit of FPC.  

 Yours in  Christ,