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 Pastor's Corner

A Word from our Pastor

Dear FPC Friends,

The calendar turns its cover once again. I enjoy the calendar kiosks at the mall that have a variety of calendars to suit anyone’s style or passions. 2019 has that variety of hopes for us all. Some enjoy the festivities of New Year’s Eve. Another part of greeting the New Year is to make resolutions.

Calendars are nice, but we get more than enough to share. Festivities are nice, but so is welcoming the New Year with a good night’s sleep. And more important than New Year’s resolutions may be New Year’s Praysolutions. As we resolve to do healthy things for a whole year and thereby make health a habit, what if you offer the SAME prayer on a regular basis so that it becomes a habit?

I offer this Praysolution because our prayers can be disposable. We pray for someone once, or for a short season, and then we move on to other concerns. So many are suffering from natural disasters, from family tragedy, from chronic illness, from mental disorder, and are reluctant to ask for prayer because their needs of heart, soul and mind are continual. What a lovely gift to God and to others to keep someone in prayer all year.

Praysolution may or may not end in finding a solution to someone’s problems, but it will keep you connected to that (those) person(s). It will remind you and God that prayer does matter and that you take it seriously. Here is a suggestion of how you can make a 2019 Praysolution:

  • Consider what concern for another is on your heart more than anything else.
  • Think of a peaceful moment in your week where you can consistently pause to pray.
  • Find a visual reminder of your prayer request. It can be anything, but it will be a tangible reminder of the prayers you have made and of taking the consistent time to pray. (i.e., a rock, a paper clip, a seed).

On that regular occasion, take your object (a new one for each prayer) and holding it in your hand, offer your consistent prayer. Then place that object in a space that is easily seen by you.

In love through Christ,