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 A Word from our Pastor

The New Year ushers in the 12th Day of Christmas or “Epiphany.” This church season means “revealing” and it is one of those wonderful seasons given meaning only through a second glimpse of Bethlehem. We do not have to greet each other with: “Happy Epiphany.” Thank goodness, there is no more shopping or baking
because we’ve done all that our schedule and our diets can stand!

Epiphany is an invitation to glance one more time at the child of Bethlehem; this time with the Wise Men. This time we see what they saw: a new ruler to be welcomed with the best that we have. Christmas is over but the king has begun a reign to change the hearts of all creation. The first look in the manger brought joy. This second look brings purpose. For from the Wise Men and on to the next events of Epiphany, we find those who come close to Jesus given motivation to pursue our life for him.

If we attempt to travel by the light of God’s star, every trial or a celebration is a step in the direction of God’s reign in our lives. As Gerard Hopkins wrote:

                The Bethlehem star may lead me

                To the sight of Him who freed me

                From the self that I have been.  

                (from “Moonless Darkness”)

I am deeply appreciative to God for the community in which I find myself led this Epiphany. May your second look at Bethlehem provide a vision of purpose as well.

Yours in Christ,                                                   


P.S.  Thank you so much for all my lovely and generous Christmas messages. These greetings enriched my Season.