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 Pastor's Corner


Dear First Friends-

Internally we strive for balance: in what we eat, how we exercise, how we work and how we recreate.  It can take a lot of
emotional and physical energy to work on that equilibrium. There are persistent temptations for laxity and constant reminders for health that draw us in different directions, threatening to pull us off-balance.

Thank goodness for the communities that give us an external
gift of stability. This month we are seeing that symmetry in our
worship celebrations.  When health media is busy pulling us in one direction, and the call for leisure in our hectic schedules lure us in another direction, it is good to know that God gives us
families, friends, community, and church to provide an objective, outside balance. Externally we are given: an awareness of past,
present and future, opportunities to care for self and to serve others, and occasions to develop personal esteem and praise for our Creator.

The first Sunday of the month is the celebration of newness in the coming of the Spirit with Pentecost.  With flames, doves and color, we remember the continual spontaneity of the gracious and unexpected gifts of God. In the same month (Father’s Day 6/18) we will commemorate the Kirkin’ of the Tartans. We will step back in history to recall the ancestry of our
denomination and many of our families with plaids and family trees.

The Body of Christ has Jesus as the head, yet his wisdom gives us the gift of discernment in striving for personal emotional and physical balance. The church is also a place that allows a gracious space in times equilibrium. As Elizabeth Gilbert wrote:

            To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a  balanced life.”

So eat, pray, and love, and know that God is helping you all keep it in balance.



                                                                   Yours in  Christ,