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1854 Chapel


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 Pastor's Corner


Dear Friends and Family of FPC,

Biologist, Robin Mills describes something we have all seen in real life or on documentaries; a falcon may first soar at altitudes miles above their prey. Then, within the blink of an eye, it dives down – first flapping forcefully and then folding its wings to decrease drag. It basically appears to drop out of the sky. It can fall at a speed up to 180 miles per hour. Shakespeare called this “one fell swoop.”


We saw the same maneuver at First Presbyterian Church last month. On one Sunday, our congregation and our community raised almost $5,000 through our concert for Black mountain Home and $3,500 for the Fellowship Hall flooring renovation. In the same spirit, our men showed up Monday morning and aggressively ripped out the Fellowship hall and hallway carpet. A small team of men continued in the next days to lift the floor, and build a closet. David and Ryan Key, Neal Keenum and Russ Rankin put in long hours that week. We are all in awe of David who has reached ‘Superman status in our minds when he crawled, slid, maneuvered under the flooring, working and exploring “where no man has gone before.”  Then all our painters moved in!


Ecclesiastes has stated there is a time for everything. In  churches with small membership, that often means, there is a time for the heating/air conditioning system, there is a time for the roof, there is a time for foundational support, there is time for… Here, we realize that maintaining the building is not only for our well-being but for the life of the community. And in the midst of property improvements, we realize there is always time for fellowship, service and worship.

Thank you for sharing your times with this community of faith.


Yours in Christ



Summer Fun with FPC Kids

 Our school age children, George, Madison and Dixie spent an afternoon searching for clues about the life of Elijah at the Memorial Park, Hill’s “goat playground”, Cartoogechaye Creek ,and the Franklin Pool. Thanks to Ron and Kim for their hospitality.