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 Pastor's Corner

From the Pastor

Dear FPC Friends,

Welcome to May. The National Forest roads are open. Part time residents are returning. The world is green. Each May feels like the fullness of life. Krin Van Tatenhove in her Lenten devotional shares the experience of a friend as a child. She was lying in the grass on a cool Wisconsin evening, looking at the starry sky:

“It is hard to find the right words. It was a knowledge beyond rational thought, an inner certainty that the architect who created the universe with such love feels the same way about my small life. I am a glorious part of creation.”

Spring is the reinstatement of resurrection through the green life around us. Aren’t we also glad to breathe in God’s newness of life? In the 6th century, the Greek and Russian Orthodox Church practiced Breath Prayers. “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy” is a short version of those early prayers that can be offered within the space of a single breathe. What a blessed way to use a breath this Easter season.

Breathe in God’s newness of life. Breathe out our prayer of gratitude.