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 Pastor's Corner


As you read this newsletter, pause to realize your cozy
surroundings. You may be in a comfortable seat in a safe room. You may be behind the screen of a computer in your own ‘office.’

There may be sounds that comfort in the background, or noises that remind you of family, or signals that bring to mind the gifts of responsibility for which you are well suited. Maybe there are smells of home, or a view of a hillside or a mountain.

Breathe deep and claim this moment. Be prepared to encounter the next good moment.

Recently in church, I accidentally dumped a glass of water on my head. It was supposed to be a children’s sermon by way of a science experiment, to make a point that God wants us to challenge our fears. The science experiment went terribly wrong. I got doused. After church one visitor commented:

            I liked your children’s story.

He thought I had planned that to happen! You can go on You-Tube and see many episodes that are amazing IF they had not been staged. But they are a little stilted because you sense that they are re-enactments.

In worship and in our life together, we laugh so frequently because together we are able to experience the spontaneity of zany things that happen when you are with people you love. We are taken off guard by how much we have in common when we gather. We hear things that make us smile.

One of our children said to a retired woman: “You look like Snow White!”

I overheard one person in our community addressing a visitor: “I know you. I know you from Yappy Hour!” (If like me you are unfamiliar with Yappy Hour, it is a social hour for Dogs at Noah’s Ark.)

When I messed up my children’s sermon, the best thing about that moment was the deep belly laughter that roused from our community of faith. None of us expected that episode and we were taken unaware by laughter. Thank you for being people who naturally laugh instead of frown and embrace instead of judge. With that attitude we can together: breathe deep, getting ready for our next wondrous moment of God.


 Yours in  Christ,