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  A Word from our Pastor

Dear Church Family-

             Sue Ann left her church office to move to Florida, she carried her pink Christmas tree, a fairy wand and an Auburn lunch box. They demonstrated two tokens of her sense of humor and one token of her passions as our Church Office
Administrator. That is a good balance. It would be helpful if we entered the church, places of interest and our homes with a double portion of humor.

We all have passions. We all have things that we take with great zeal and at times great seriousness. Yet as Peter Ustinov once said: “Comedy is simply a fun way of being serious.”  Or as Mark Twain, a master of humor wrote: “Humor is the good natured side of a truth.” Humor might help us see the balance that God intends for our healthy relationships.

             Our passions are never far from our thoughts. What are the objects of your passions? Consider where you carry them.

             Now picture symbols of your humor and wonder if you carry those with you all the time as well. To have a good natured side of our passions would make friendship circles, blood families and church communities places of invigorating dialog.

So together; let’s talk and listen, but don’t forget your pink trees and fairy wands!

                                                            Yours in the Spirit,