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Wear Red!

On Sunday, June 4, we will remember the occasion where the disciples of Christ were  convinced that they belonged to a living God. Jesus of Nazareth was gone; God of the Old Testament seemed distant.  But into this vacuum came the sound of wind, a touch of fire and the recognition of many languages.

With the wind, we remember what Jesus told Nicodemus — the wind blows where it will, and so it is with the Spirit. We remember what he did for the disciples; he breathed on them inviting them to receive the Holy Spirit. The wind of Pentecost personally blows through our relationships, enlivening our hope in each other and ourselves.

With the fire, we are reminded of how John the Baptizer said that he could only baptize with water, but One was coming who would baptize with Spirit and with Fire. The fire of baptism reminds us of the real presence of God in the works, teachings and sacraments of the community we call “Church.”

With the languages, we consider how many people had come to Jerusalem for a religious holiday and heard from the disciples utterances of Good News in their own languages. The Gospel is for ALL people and neither tongue nor culture is a detriment to all peoples claiming God as their own.

So wear flame-red and celebrate with us the wind, fire and languages of Pentecost.