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Worship News

Kirkin’ o’ the Tartans 2017

        Many thanks to our congregation for welcoming our community into worship for the Kirkin’ o’ the         Tartans. There was a lot of preparation, particularly on the part of Jim McInnes and Sandy Geary         as they prepared our dinner of Scottish fare for a full house. 125 people in worship, many visiting         for the Taste of Scotland Festival, said they would be returning to the Kirkin’ again next year. So         much of what happens for this service happens spontaneously on the morning of the service and         so we thank all our Tartan bearers, sound and film advisors and our greeters.

Special Music

        July 23rd – Lionel and Toby will be presenting their offering of praise, Gospel or Jazz, as they do         every 4th Sunday July 30th- The Chapel Band will be playing traditional Bluegrass as their  offering         every 5th Sunday of the month.

Summer Theme: Water

        Enjoy the sounds and sights of water in our worship focus beginning July 14. So much of our         faith has to do with the cleansing, refreshing, sacramental and renewing aspects of water.

Informal Sunday

        Prior to our July picnic, following worship on July 9th, we are inviting people to come to worship         dressed coolly and comfortably so that you can take your potluck dish and go straight to our         church picnic. You can see more information on the picnic under Congregational Care and         Outreach Team notes. As part of this casual worship, you will see our elders participate in a unique         form of  congregational confession. (No, we are not saying more, you need to come and see!)

The Ecumenical Version of the Apostles’ Creed

        On Sundays when we say together the Apostles’ Creed,
        we will no longer be saying:
        “descended into hell,” “Holy Ghost,”
        “the quick and the dead” or
        “the holy catholic church”
        as part of our congregational affirmation of faith. In embracing an ecumenical version of the         Apostles’ Creed we will be making our vocabulary more understandable to those who do not have         a background in the creedal history of the Presbyterian Church. Instead we will use phrases that         are synonymous:
        “descended to the dead,”  “Holy Spirit,,
        “living and the dead,” and
        “the holy universal church.”
        We will also regularly continue to use other confessions of the Church and of Scripture in our         ongoing worship