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Liturgical arts team news

Our Worship and Music Team is now transitioning into a new format.

Because Anne is coming to the church only on Sunday mornings, the team will have a new focus. Beginning in May, on the third Wednesday of each month at 3:00pm, the Liturgical Arts Team will meet. The focus of this team will be to prepare the worship spaces for seasonal worship through fabric, wood or paper. In addition, anyone with writing or any artistic interest will gather to formulate devotional thoughts for publication in First Word or in seasonal publications.

So anyone who likes to paint, sketch, take photographs, collage, color, write essays, poetry, or research quotes, please save the 3rd Wednesday to freely 

interpret Scripture. Bring any medium you would like to contribute. There will be resources available for all.

Our first gathering will be on Wednesday, May 15th at 3:00pm in Fellowship Hall. We will be centering on the verses of Romans 5:1-5. Please see the following page for specifics on the upcoming events for April.


        April 14th, 10am—Palm and Passion Sunday Worship

Start the Week of Christ’s walk to Calvary with Palms and song.

        April 18th, 5:00pm—Holy Thursday Observance

Remember Christ’s last meal with his disciples as we share a simple meal
in harmony with the juice and bread of the Last Supper (Tartan Hall).

        April 19th, 12:00pm—Good Friday Service at First UMC

Nine pastors and the Mountain Voices Choir will be leading us
through the last words of Christ.

        Sunday, April 21st, 7:00am Easter Sunrise Service

Join the churches of Church Street as we remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Methodist cemetery, followed by breakfast in Tartan Hall.

Easter Worship 10:00am

Praise God with music and celebration!