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Sanctuary and Communion

To ensure we have adequate seating for friends and visitors during the Summer months, we will be worshipping in the sanctuary for the months of August and September.

We will be returning to the practice of servers breaking of bread in substantial sizes for those who come forward. This practice further enhances Jesus teaching to serve one another and alleviates the concern of some, so that every worshipper will not be touching the bread and the juice.

We have gluten free bread for those who cannot have wheat products. It is on a small stand to the right of the Communion Table.


Welcoming Sanctuary

Gospel Gathering

Each Sunday, we will be beginning our worship with a familiar ‘Old Time Song’. It is our hope that those who may be experiencing some memory loss will come into our sanctuary to a familiar welcome. This song will be an introduction to worship. Please feel free to finish your conversations as we sing and formally begin our worship with the special Prelude music of our organist/pianist, Anne and our guest musicians.

Worship Themes

Several of our in-house artists completed a silk painting that is framed and located by the Communion Table. The colorful screen is the image of a heartbeat, with ups and downs, reflecting the rhythms of our faith. Many thanks to Joe Alexander and Anne Tauber, Neal and Linda Keenum, and Kathy Maps for this depiction.

The heartbeat accompanies a sermon series on “The Rhythms of Faith” through September 9th. In September, the texts focus on the Old Testament lessons of Elijah who is both the Champion of the Faith, and also someone who retreats in a Crisis of Faith.

Also, we begin our Harvest Theme on September 9th, which will culminate in Dedication Sunday on September 30th. Look for more in information throughout this month’s First Word.


Name Tags

In addition, we will be returning to the practice of using name tags. It is hard for us to remember names in a church family where people have two residences and many travel opportunities. This month, you will notice an invitation to order a magnetic name tag to help us with this process.

Children’s Worship

Child care leaders met after worship on Sunday to discuss the safety of all of our children. Beginning July 22nd, children will gather with our leaders in M-2 for a short lesson. Children too young for the story are free to roam in the room with supervision. After the lesson, the children will go upstairs to free play.