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- Our new Mission Statement -

growing in FAITH, serving with HOPE, sharing GOD'S LOVE


Preparing to Give Thanks

Each year we prepare a meal for our community on Thanksgiving Day. It is a  sacrifice on the part of many in our church and yet it is something that our church has continually done to particularly assist those who have few resources and those who have no family in the area. To that end, we have a place where people can come to eat, take home meals and even have meals delivered. The  planning committee, has always kept an open spirit, being willing to serve everyone so that those who need the holiday will receive the feast.

Genesse Gottschalk found a letter that was written several years ago as a follow-up to that year’s Community Thanksgiving Meal. Here is an excerpt from that letter:

        Two World War II Vets served the entire two hours  and were constantly joking about which         one was older… we actually had an 8-year-old helping us. Our eldest volunteer at 90 enjoyed         the music (Lionel and Bobbi were playing) and did a few dance steps in appreciation.  Many of         the people receiving the meal are our friends and neighbors. I knew several and was aware of         the circumstances that brought them to our church. However, I was surprised to see one friend         as I knew he had a loving family and secure finances so I knew immediately that something         was wrong.  He was picking up dinner for his wife who was home after spending 77 days in the         hospital and for her children who had traveled to spend time with her. What a blessing to be         part of their celebration. The hikers, Chicken and Phoenix, taking a break from the AT were a         hoot.  They sat with some of our more mature church ladies and I don’t know who enjoyed the         visit more.

We hope that you will help us plan and prepare for 2017 Thanksgiving Meal and serve over 400 meals to the glory of God and thanksgiving to our mutual, rich, history.







If you are interested in a name badge see Jim Geary. Cost is $10.00.  



We would like to honor all those who have served in  the military by including you on  military board. 
Please contact Jim Geary at 421-7280 or e-mail at